There's a lot going on here that affects the lake and property owners.

We want to engage with everyone who has an interest in the area hence the need to lift our game in the communications area.

We need to tell the story to as many interested parties as possible, especially those property owners from the Buried Village to Otumutu lagoon.

What we're doing

Lake water quality - water quality in our lake is critical to the health of the lake and for the enjoyment of residents, holiday makers and tourists to the Rotorua region.

Refuse collection
- the way we dispose of our rubbish is undergoing change with enhancements to the transfer station. Instead of Council collecting the rubbish bags, from now on residents and holiday makers are obliged to drop the bags at the transfer station.

Waste water reticulation
- the installation of a reticulated sewerage system will affect an immediate and permanent improvement to lake water quality.

Pest animals
- our 'Ratties' have been dealing to the rats in the area for many years now with a marked effect on the native birdlife. Of special significance is the growing numbers of dabchicks around the lake's margins. These little guys are rarer than kiwis.

Pest plants
- we've recognised the need to tidy up the built up part of the lakeside by getting rid of pest plants and instigating a replanting program. This is a major and ongoing project that will require significant funding and on the spot management by property owners.

Advocacy Role

The primary role of the LTRA is to listen to the concerns of ratepayers and residents, interface with those bodies who influence the wider community and communicate the outcomes back to the community.

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