About Landcare

Tarawera Landcare 2115 began in 2015 and as the name suggests we have a hundred-year view. TLC2115 sits under the umbrella of the Lake Tarawera Ratepayers Association (LTRA).


Kariri Point – this has been our flagship project to date. We have formal support for the work we are doing from Te rua Umakaria Trustees, who represent the many beneficial individual owners and the BOP Regional Council, who have been extremely helpful and continue to be so by way of providing training, money, equipment, native plants and advice.

The Sir John Logan Campbell Residuary Trust have also been very supportive of our endeavours by donating funds for us to employ contractors to do the ‘heavy lifting’. The Rotorua Lakes Council via the Community Matching fund have enabled us to purchase a Honda Pioneer (Rhonda – the Red Honda) which is worth her weight in gold.

None of the progress to date could have been achieved without the generous giving of time by the volunteers who show up on the second Saturday of the month for three or four hours to get stuck in. We have logged thousands of hours of volunteer time on the Point. To join us, meet on the second Saturday of the month at 9.00 am at the entrance to Kariri Point in Boatshed Bay. There are also community members who haven’t attended working bees but have given money or equipment to the cause.

We’d also like to thank the native birds that are now populating the point and benefitting from the planting and natural regeneration that is occurring. Kereru, tui, bellbirds, whiteheads, fantails, grey warblers, moreporks, shining cuckoos (in the summer) and the occasional falcon. 

Spencer Road – although not given the same regular attention as Kariri Point it does get some attention from individuals looking after their own patch. The major invasive pests are flowering cherries, old man’s beard, climbing spindleberry, tradescantia (wandering willy), wild ginger, jasmine to name a few. Links to these from BOPRC websitehttps://www.boprc.govt.nz/your...


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